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Mold temperature controller

time:2020-05-26 11:04:24  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
The auxiliary machines for injection molding machine mainly include mold temperature control machine, dehumidification dryer, feeder, mixing and coloring device, mold temperature rapid cooler, and crusher. There are also robots for taking out products, photoelectric product drop confirmation devices, mold low pressure protection devices, product conveyor belts and trolleys, electric heating coil break alarms, compressed air nozzles, mold release agent injection devices, automatic mold platen fastening devices, Injection molding machine equipment accessories and other injection molding machine auxiliary equipment. Mold temperature machine manufacturers can be selectively configured according to production needs.

The mold temperature machine is also called the mold temperature controller, and was originally used in the temperature control industry of injection molds. Later, with the development of the machinery industry, it has become more and more widely used. Now the mold temperature machine is generally divided into a water temperature machine and an oil temperature machine, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ± ​​0.1 ℃. In plastic injection molding, mold temperature control is crucial. The temperature of the mold has a great influence on the internal and apparent quality of the product. The temperature of the mold depends on whether the plastic crystallizes, the size, structure, performance, quality requirements and other process conditions of the product. In short, the correct control of the mold temperature can adjust the cooling rate of the product to make it cool uniformly. The product has stable dimensions, uniform density, surface gloss, and high transparency; it can avoid shrinkage, dents, silver streaks, dark spots, overflow Edge defects; conducive to polymer relaxation, reduce internal stress, reduce molecular orientation effects, avoid or reduce stress cracking, cracking, warping, twisting, whitening, delamination and other defects; for crystalline plastics can also increase the crystallinity Wait.

The mold temperature machine is generally divided into a water temperature machine, an oil temperature machine, and a two-stage machine. The temperature control accuracy can reach ± ​​0.1 ° C. It is widely used in plastic molding, die casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reaction kettles, bonding, and mixing Various industries.

The mold temperature controller is to input a constant flow of constant temperature hot water (or hot oil) into the heat exchange channel of the injection mold with a pump to control the mold temperature at the required temperature. The hot water (or hot oil) whose temperature changes in the mold channel is returned to the mold temperature control by the residual pressure

In the machine, according to the temperature change, use cooling water to lower the temperature, or use electric heating to increase the temperature to reach the original temperature again. In this way, the "out-mold circulation" method is adopted to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold.

Use hot water (or hot oil) for "out-mold circulation" to control mold temperature

Mold temperature machine manufacturer Dongguan Yuanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. has produced mold temperature controllers in large quantities.
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