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Installation of central feeding system

time:2020-06-08 15:42:20  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
The central feeding system can minimize the pollution of raw materials and dust to the injection molding production, so as to maintain a clean production workshop, and the unique centralized dust recovery system of the central feeding system makes cleaning more convenient and the environmental protection effect is more Reaching the 100,000-level clean room operation requirement standard and reducing noise, it can eventually realize an unmanned automated production workshop and establish a modern factory management image.
The installation process of the central feeding system:
1. The size of the precise placement of the machine.
2. Pipeline draining method.
3. Planning for the layout of raw material room and system control.
4. Observe the wall structure of the factory building and determine the weight.
5. Pay attention to overhead cranes, ceilings and pillars.
6. The central feed pipe is used to minimize bends.
7. The pipeline can be controlled to a height of about 3 meters under conditions, which is convenient for installation and subsequent maintenance.
8. When the steel pipes are connected, make sure that the pipe clamps are exactly centered.
9. There may be air leakage in the pipeline.
10. The connection length between the lower section of the pipe and the central feed cup is about 3-4 meters.
11. When the pipeline is installed, pay attention to the alignment of the injection molding machine, and the misalignment will affect the appearance.
The central feeding system adopts microcomputer centralized automatic control, which realizes 24-hour continuous feeding operation for pellets. Multiple small microcomputers separately control the coloring process of each molding machine. The measurement is accurate and the mixing is uniform. The colors can be changed flexibly to meet the requirements of multiple colors and varieties of products. According to the production volume of different molding machines, the feed volume can be flexibly changed.
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